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Hello from high in the sky. I’m currently flying back home to Minnesota for the weekend. I’m excited to be home.

Anything new with you?

I actually have quite a few things that are new with me- I am almost completely moved into my new apartment and I started my final year of school! Technically it’s like a half year because my spring semester only consists of one class, so that’s really nothing. The only reason I’m not taking that one class in the fall is because I’m not allowed to take that class until I’ve finished the classes I’m taking now *eye roll*. I’m definitely ready to graduate, I feel like I’ve been in school for so long.

Okay, so back to my new apartment. Everything is coming together so well. I just need to add some decorations and my window curtains to finish it all up. But I am facing a major dilemma- I have nowhere to put my shoes. We downsized in closets, therefore there’s no room for my shoes. So I need some advice/tips on what I should do with them. ANY sort of advice is greatly appreciated. & no, I don’t want them under my bed or out in the open. Doing that makes me feel like my space is cluttered, and I do NOT work well with a cluttered apartment.

Got a bit off topic there, oops!

Now onto this blog post!

I’m a big TV show and movie lover, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites TV shows I’ve watched on Netflix or cable.

+ Sons of Anarchy – Not ashamed to admit that I’ve watched this show three times. I LOVE SOA. I also love me some Charlie Hunnam, too (a.k.a Jax Teller). This show consists of a lot of violence, passion, and everything in between.

+ Game of Thrones – Within the past couple of years, GOT has become very popular. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you should. Every season is so good and so intense. There are so many different stories going on at once but they all connect with one another. GOT is very unpredictable in the best and worst ways possible. You grow to really love and seriously hate certain characters.

+ Billions – Ever wondered what it’s like to live like a Billionaire? This show is about a guy who owns his own hedge fund called Axe Capital. His name is Bobby Axelrod, and he’s a straight boss. Booby is always kicking ass at what he does, but sometimes he breaks the law. Him breaking the law gets him on someone’s radar that will go to any length to put Bobby in handcuffs.

+ Suits – Mike has a photogenic memory and is basically a genius. Harvey is a pro at what he does & he always gets the job done. The two of them together are unstoppable. Donna is my idol and Louis is always making me laugh with his ridiculousness.

+ Vikings – I have this obsession with medieval times and Norse Gods. I find those topics to be so intriguing. Vikings is based during the medieval ages and they believe in Norse Gods. The show has a lot of violence that consist of wars, over powering kings, and taking over land. If you love a lot of action and don’t mind watching violent scenes, this is the perfect show for you!

+ Bitten – I also have a love for anything that has to do with mystical creatures. Not sure what I’m referring to? Werewolves, wizards, witches, vampires, ect! Bitten has a strong female lead who is the ultimate badass and she’s also a werewolf. I know, sounds super Syfy-ish but that’s what I like. It may not be your cup of tea and that’s okay, but don’t knock it until you try it!

+ Gossip Girl – Basically every girl has seen GG, but I had to throw in there because it’s too good not to! It’s full of drama, spoiled teenagers, scandal, and suspense. I get so wrapped up into GG, I start to think I’m living their lives while I watch the show. LOL, in my dreams. XOXO

+ Beauty and the Beast – No, this isn’t the animated movie. This is a TV show on Netflix! He’s the beast and she’s the one who falls in love with the beast. It’s a love story with a whole lot of action!

+ How to Get Away with Murder – This is another very popular TV show on cable. I just got into it last year and got caught up on Netflix, and it was well worth the hours I spent watching it! There’s always so much going on, so many people dying, and so many lies. You never know what to believe, but that’s what keeps it so interesting!

+ 13 Reasons Why – This TV show is a Netflix Original and there’s only one season. I finished the season in four days. I would come home from work and watch it until I went to bed, it was that good to me. I loved this show, I felt my high school self could relate to it. It’s a very controversial TV show, but it’s also very eyeopening and moving.

There you have it- some of my favorite TV shows! If you were to ask me which is my absolute favorite, I would say Sons of Anarchy!!

Have a great week and we’ll talk soon! I’m thinking a fashion post needs to happen soon. Thoughts?

xx, Aubrianna



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