So Packing is a Real B

Yeah, you heard that right- packing is a real bitch.

But I’m kind of really good at it, at least I’d like to think so. I’m a very organized person who has mild OCD about my living space, therefore when I have to pack my OCD goes into overtime.

I figured a lot of students are probably moving to new apartments or my friends are moving into their new place because August is the month of moves. And since I’m moving too, I wanted to share with you how I pack up my place. I know, it’s really not the most exciting post to read but it’ll be informative! & I’m planning on doing a YouTube video of how I decorate my new apartment (!!!). I’m even crazier about how I decorate, so stay tuned.

Also, I’m not perfect when it comes to packing so if you think I’m missing anything jut let me know!


› Always pack your boxes according to the rooms. To avoid craziness on the unpacking aspect, pack your kitchen things in your kitchen boxes, your bathroom things in your bathroom boxes, and so on.

› To save on boxes, use your body towels and hand towels to wrap around your breakable items like your dishes or decorations.

› To prevent scratching on dressers, televisions, computers, and large mirrors place blankets over them.

› Wash all of your laundry, bedding, and floor rugs so they’re nice and clean for your new place, and then you also save yourself the time of having to wash everything when you’re unpacking.

› Moving is the PERFECT time to go through everything of yours. I’ve already made multiple trips to Goodwill. Get rid of pots/pans/tupperware that you haven’t used. Donate clothes and shoes that you haven’t worn in months. Discard old food that somehow went to the back of your pantry that you forgot about. The same goes for make up, lotions, shampoo, and face wash- throw it out if it’s old or you don’t use it. There’s no better feeling than getting rid of things you don’t need. It’s incredibly freeing.

› If possible, don’t grocery shop the week of your move. You save yourself time and energy from having to carry all that food from one place to the next.

› Be proactive and try to use up all of your almost empty bottles of lotions, perfume, and shampoo/body wash.

› Don’t wait until the day of or the day before your move to start packing. It’s likely you won’t get it all done, therefore you’ll be stressed out.

› Small items that are on your dressers or nightstands can usually be put in a drawer between clothes, instead of storing it away in a box.

› Use this time to go through any paperwork, leftover bills, notebooks/journals/planners/folders, and books you don’t use. Discard what’s not needed and organize the rest, and place in a designated spot at your new place.

 If it can be done, get all of your dishes washed before the move. That way you won’t have to wash any of them at your new place and you’ll be able to store them away right away.

› Finally, don’t stress out too much about the move, that makes it harder for you and everyone else!


I hope my tips were helpful to anyone who’s planning on moving! Have a great weekend and we’ll talk soon.

xx, Aubrianna

A Mini Home Goods Haul

Currently inside working the day away, when all I want to do is BE outside. It’s so gorgeous out, but I have a love/hate relationship with this gorgeous weather. That love/hate relationship is due to Global Climate Change, but that’s a different story for a different day.

A couple weeks ago I went to Home Goods for my second time, and I was as in love with it as much as I was the first time I went. This time I actually bought some things from there, so I decided to do a blog post on what I bought. All of the things I bought were so inexpensive, which is perfect for college students who are on a budget but still want their apartments to be decorated cute. That might just be me because I’m a psycho when it comes to how my living space is decorated, but I wouldn’t want to be any other way. LOL!

What I bought

Circular white marble slab – $7.99

Lavender and Chamomile room spray – $4.99

White canvas with gold sparkle letters that says “Paris” – $16.99

Miniature faux plant with the vase being a white elephant – $3.99

White decorative piece that says “DREAM” in block letters – $5.99

Gray and white throw blanket with tassels on the edge of the blanket – $14.99

Faux white peonies with hints of light pink on the flower and the vase being clear – $29.99

I was SO amazed when I found the canvas and throw blanket. The canvas goes for over $100 on the artist’s website, but I got it for $16.99. The throw blanket is perfection, and when I went to grab it, I was expecting it to be at least $30 but was actually half of that amount. I don’t even think you can find a throw blanket that cheap at Target. Lastly, you might think $29.99 for a faux floral arrangement is expensive but that price is such a steal. Anywhere else, whether it’s Target or Wayfair, their faux flowers are so expensive. An arrangement the size and quality of the one I got would go for $50+ at any other store.

Home Goods is the store to go to if you’re on a budget. Even if you aren’t on a budget, they have everything form lamps, to mirrors, to all sorts of decorations, tableware sets, office supplies, rugs, food, and furniture. I saw the cutest desks, side tables, dressers, and stools for all reasonable amounts. The only negative thing about Home Goods is that you can’t shop online, which is a huge bummer. But going into the store is just so fun. Be aware that you might be in the store for more than an hour. I think I made it out in a little over two hours, which is pretty good for me. LOL.

Some other great furniture/decoration stores to shop at: IKEA, Wayfair, One Kings Lane, Crate & Barrel, World Market, West Elm, Pier 1 Imports, Society 6, and Z Gallerie.

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul, and I hope you all have a great rest of your week!

XX, Aubrianna

Holiday Favorites!!

Okay, so I’m super excited for this post. It probably has to do with the fact that the theme is everything Christmas!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Holiday Decorations 

Holiday decorations are EVERYTHING. If I could decorate my apartment in a different theme every year for Christmas, I totally would. Like I seriously considered talking Zach into buying a new tree, but it would have been white, so then I could go with black, silver, gray, and white decorations. Totally non-traditional and totally my style because my whole living room is black, gray, and white. BUUUUT, I decided not to because, well, I’m as broke as a joke & figured I could save my idea of wanting to decorate my place in a different theme every year for when I’m rich.

Honestly…..I didn’t go as extreme as buying a whole new tree, but I did go and buy new decorations. I JUST COULDN’T HELP MYSELF, OKAY. Hobby Lobby gets me every damn time. It’s impossible to walk in there and not walk out with something. I saw all of these holiday decorations that were “50% Off” so I’m like, they’re 50% OFF, I’m saving SO much money so it’s totally justifiable.

Last year I had red and gold decorations, but I was bored of the gold & definitely couldn’t get over the fact that the gold didn’t flow well with the theme of my living room, you know? SO, this year I went with red & white because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything and everything white. Just ask Zach, he’ll tell you. Our entire apartment would be white if I had complete control, but I don’t so I have to opt for black, gray, and some white. LOL, men I’ll tell ya, they’re ridiculous. Or maybe I’m the ridiculous one?

Okay, so my decorating is pretty basic. It’s not like my entire apartment is decked out in head to toe Christmas decorations because I just don’t have that kind of room to store all of those decorations. Do I wish I could have like eight or more boxes of Christmas decorations like my grandma does? HECK YES, but I can’t so I make do with what I have. I have ornaments coming of out of everywhere! They’re all over my tree (duh), they’re used as a center piece on my coffee table & on my kitchen table. OH! & they’re also in this adorable dish thingy that’s on top of my fridge. I have an abundance of red ornaments, so I figured I’d use them as center pieces since I didn’t have anything else I could use as center pieces. I feel like it was creative. It might totally be boring for some, but it saved me money & they still look adorable as decorations even if they aren’t on the tree where they’re supposed to be. Just a little something to keep in mind for next year – ornaments are extremely versatile!


Holiday Treats

Oh my gosh, this Coconut Milk Holiday Nog is one of the most favorite things I’ve ever drank, SERIOUSLY. No, it’s not nasty Egg Nog that is too thick to swallow down, it’s completely dairy free!! The ingredients aren’t great but they’re good, it’s delicious, & it is THE PERFECT creamer for iced coffee. Just go buy it right now & thank me later. The gingerbread man cookies pair greatly when you drink the Holiday Nog plain, & they’re festive! I got the Holiday Nog at Target, btw!


Holiday Gifts

Above are two adorable gifts I was given by my boss! The reindeer pen is just way too festive & way too cute. I love it! & the pink water bottle is to die for. Like, I’m seriously so obsessed with it. Whatever drink you have, it keeps it that temperature. Nothing better than ice cold water or warm coffee, right!? Also, the light, baby pink is SO me & is SO chic.

I have “theme colors” for every aspect of my life. For example, all of my blogging planners, my journals, blogging note books, & my blogging pens are light pink with hints of gold (hence, why this water bottle is so me). My backpack & lunch bag are gray! My desk area is white with light pink, gold, and turquoise picture frames/decorations. Even the books that are on my desk are those colors, LOL. My bathroom theme is yellow and gray. My living room, as you know is gray, black, and white. I could go on and on but I’ll leave it there before you think I’m crazy, LOL.

Well, there you have it – my holiday favorites!! I hope you enjoyed reading!

I go home on Sunday (YAY!!!!), so I plan on doing a lot of posts while I’m home. Anything particular you want to see?? Let me know in the comment section below.

Talk soon!

XX, Aubrianna