The Easiest Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hey, hey, HAPPY Tuesday!

So I’ve really been craving coffee lately, like everyday I need my coffee fix. It’s something I don’t really prefer to crave but it’s damn good so we’re just going to stick with it. I blame my mom because she got me a Keurig for my birthday!

Anyways, I was at the store in the coffee aisle last week and saw overly priced “Starbucks Via Instant Latte” – Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor, and I was immediately intrigued so I put them in the cart! There are only like four packets in the package and they’re totally overpriced, but I figured it’s just a one time buy and I’ll conserve the packets throughout the entire Fall season. Because if I’m being honest, there’s way too much sugar in these little boogers to have every day or even every other day. I’m also not crazy about the ingredients- the first ingredient is diary powder (I think I just gagged even typing that out). If you know me, you know I really am not a huge fan of dairy, especially milk.

I’m sure you get it by now, but just in case you don’t- not a fan of the ingredients or the amount of sugar that’s in these, BUT they taste so damn good and even though they’re expensive, it’s still cheaper than buying a single drink from Starbucks! Also, the pumpkin spice flavoring is seriously incredible, it’s not overwhelming at all, and I figured I needed to start getting into the Fall season because my mind is still 100% stuck in summer mode. Can you blame me, though? I love summer. I love sunshine. I love hot weather. I thrive the most in the summer, but seasons evolve so I need to, too.

I almost forgot! The main reason I love these packets is because of how efficient they are. All you have to do is heat up some water on the stove for roughly five minutes, pour the water into a cute water bottle or mason jar, and then pour the latte packet into your cup! It’s literally as simple as that. I do add a dash of coconut milk creamer to give it some flavor, but you do NOT need to add any sugar to these.

See? I told you, the easiest Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Now, go live a little and buy these super efficient packets. And remember, don’t use them daily! Treat them as a little dessert but for in the mornings.

Talk soon!

xx, Aubrianna

Delightful Moments – A Friday Morning Well Spent

To start off, I apologize for not posting last week!

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired because I’m so busy with school and work. It’s hard to have my blog be my first priority when the majority of my time needs to be spent on school.

The good news is that I have around one more month left of this semester, then it’s Christmas break. Christmas break means I’ll have all the time in the world to create blog posts, so I can’t wait for that!

Yesterday morning, I had the morning off. Meaning I didn’t have to be to work until 3 pm, so I wanted to lay in bed all morning & just watch SOA. Like, I was seriously considering it, I did not want to be productive. Instead, I forced myself to do some minor chores around the house, made a really great breakfast, and took some pictures for a blog post. I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post, it just ended up that way for whatever reason.

It was like, me forcing myself to be productive gave me a little inspiration. The moral of the story is that, whenever you’re feeling uninspired, lazy, tired, or you just don’t want to get out of bed, I think the best thing you can do for yourself is do the complete opposite. Don’t hide out in bed all day. Make yourself get up & make your bed, make a really nutritious breakfast (oatmeal, fruit smoothie, or  healthy pancakes), go for a walk/jog or get a good work out in, and then do an activity you love. Whether that activity includes reading, scrapbooking (THIS IS ME 100%, love to scrapbook), watch a good movie, or explore the city!

I know sometimes it’s so much easier to lay in bed and not face the world, but I felt so much better after choosing to not waste my day by laying in bed all day. & I got so much done that I wouldn’t have otherwise, which is such a refreshing feeling.

I do totally get that everyone is different & we all need balance. Sometimes we DO need that day where we don’t do absolutely anything, which is TOTALLY fine. I’m more referring to when you have a good amount of days where you don’t have anything going on, and for all of those days you choose to be unproductive. Am I making sense? Hopefully, LOL!

On another note, who wants to see the gorgeous breakfast I made yesterday morning?


Seriously, how perfect are these pancakes!? Not to mention, they were delicious AND healthy. That is a serious win win in my book.

Adding fruit to any breakfast meal is the prefect addition. Fruits are filled with antioxidants, which are so healthy for you. Trust me!


I also included a cup of warm water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. YUM.

I had a very satisfying breakfast yesterday, along with a very eventful day. There’s not much better than those two things combined.

Oh yeah, & it was Friday. What a Friday well spent!


How do you spend your days off? I’d love to know!

People responded really well to my first fashion post, so I’m thinking I’ll be doing another one very soon! Should I go with a more casual look again or a special occasion look?

Let me know in the comment section below, please!

We’ll talk soon.

XX, Aubrianna

Puppy Chow, Halloween Style


How’s life going for you? I hope great, and I mean that sincerely!

Life is hard. Really hard. Like so hard that most days I wish I could just sleep and not have to deal with the real world. It’s tough being a full-time student and working two jobs. It is physically draining, but that’s life. Life isn’t supposed to be all rainbows and sunshine, life is going to throw hard days/times at you. & let me tell you, this is a hard time for me. But I have no choice other than to push through the hard time and keep moving forward, because where is it going to get me if I dwell on everything bad that’s happening? It’s literally going to get me nowhere. Yeah, I got stranded on my campus last night at 9:30 at night because my car wouldn’t start, so I don’t have a working car at the moment. I bust my ass every single day to do good in school. I work over 40 hours a week just so I can pay for my expenses. & I have an immense amount of debt I’ve incurred over the past four years due to loans. But you know what? I can’t dwell on any of that anymore, because dwelling on it has only made me feel worse. It hasn’t helped me one bit. I will overcome any obstacle that life throws at me because that’s who I am. Anyone can overcome any obstacle they face if they just believe that they can.

Also, things could ALWAYS be worse. Remember that.

Sorry, I got a little off subject! Let’s talk about what I made last weekend:



Actually there’s a really funny story behind this.

About a month ago, Zach told me that he wanted to make Puppy Chow. I thought he was so weird for wanting to make Puppy Chow because it’s totally something I only ate during the Christmas holiday. I was like, “babe, why would you make puppy chow? It’s not Christmas.” He goes, “fine, when I make some then you don’t need to have any.” Well, I came home later that day to him eating puppy chow he had made, and all I could think was how am I going to sneak this puppy chow without him seeing, because otherwise he will give me so much shit for eating it. I couldn’t’ help myself, it looked SO GOOD. HAHAHA, typical Aub.

So last week rolls around, and I’m like I want to make some Puppy Chow. Then I thought I could maybe do a blog post on it. & THEN I thought how perfect it would be if I threw a little Halloween twist on to it.


Ingredients Needed:

+ Chex Mix Cereal

+ All Natural Peanut Butter

+ Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

+ Dash of Vanilla

+ Lots of powdered sugar

+ Peanut Butter Reese’s Pieces

+ Mini Peanut Butter Cups

(The Chex Mix Cereal has the measurements needed for the ingredients and the steps to follow when making the Puppy Chow. It’s super simple!)


It’s the perfect little snack to munch on when doing homework or watching TV. Just eat it in moderation, don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting like I did. Just pour it into a little serving bowl and munch on that! It would also be a great christmas gift for coworkers or friends. All you would have to do is put a little Christmas spin on it. Instead of using Peanut Butter Reese’s Pieces, you could use the Christmas M&M’s that are red, white, and green. Put the Puppy Chow in a cute little mason jar and tie a red ribbon around it. Super easy, super cheap, and super festive!




I hope everyone has a great weekend! I think I’ll be hitting up a haunted house this weekend, YAY.

We’ll talk soon!

& that fashion post should be up next week!!

XX, Aubrianna