My Favorites on Netflix

Hello from high in the sky. I’m currently flying back home to Minnesota for the weekend. I’m excited to be home.

Anything new with you?

I actually have quite a few things that are new with me- I am almost completely moved into my new apartment and I started my final year of school! Technically it’s like a half year because my spring semester only consists of one class, so that’s really nothing. The only reason I’m not taking that one class in the fall is because I’m not allowed to take that class until I’ve finished the classes I’m taking now *eye roll*. I’m definitely ready to graduate, I feel like I’ve been in school for so long.

Okay, so back to my new apartment. Everything is coming together so well. I just need to add some decorations and my window curtains to finish it all up. But I am facing a major dilemma- I have nowhere to put my shoes. We downsized in closets, therefore there’s no room for my shoes. So I need some advice/tips on what I should do with them. ANY sort of advice is greatly appreciated. & no, I don’t want them under my bed or out in the open. Doing that makes me feel like my space is cluttered, and I do NOT work well with a cluttered apartment.

Got a bit off topic there, oops!

Now onto this blog post!

I’m a big TV show and movie lover, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites TV shows I’ve watched on Netflix or cable.

+ Sons of Anarchy – Not ashamed to admit that I’ve watched this show three times. I LOVE SOA. I also love me some Charlie Hunnam, too (a.k.a Jax Teller). This show consists of a lot of violence, passion, and everything in between.

+ Game of Thrones – Within the past couple of years, GOT has become very popular. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you should. Every season is so good and so intense. There are so many different stories going on at once but they all connect with one another. GOT is very unpredictable in the best and worst ways possible. You grow to really love and seriously hate certain characters.

+ Billions – Ever wondered what it’s like to live like a Billionaire? This show is about a guy who owns his own hedge fund called Axe Capital. His name is Bobby Axelrod, and he’s a straight boss. Booby is always kicking ass at what he does, but sometimes he breaks the law. Him breaking the law gets him on someone’s radar that will go to any length to put Bobby in handcuffs.

+ Suits – Mike has a photogenic memory and is basically a genius. Harvey is a pro at what he does & he always gets the job done. The two of them together are unstoppable. Donna is my idol and Louis is always making me laugh with his ridiculousness.

+ Vikings – I have this obsession with medieval times and Norse Gods. I find those topics to be so intriguing. Vikings is based during the medieval ages and they believe in Norse Gods. The show has a lot of violence that consist of wars, over powering kings, and taking over land. If you love a lot of action and don’t mind watching violent scenes, this is the perfect show for you!

+ Bitten – I also have a love for anything that has to do with mystical creatures. Not sure what I’m referring to? Werewolves, wizards, witches, vampires, ect! Bitten has a strong female lead who is the ultimate badass and she’s also a werewolf. I know, sounds super Syfy-ish but that’s what I like. It may not be your cup of tea and that’s okay, but don’t knock it until you try it!

+ Gossip Girl – Basically every girl has seen GG, but I had to throw in there because it’s too good not to! It’s full of drama, spoiled teenagers, scandal, and suspense. I get so wrapped up into GG, I start to think I’m living their lives while I watch the show. LOL, in my dreams. XOXO

+ Beauty and the Beast – No, this isn’t the animated movie. This is a TV show on Netflix! He’s the beast and she’s the one who falls in love with the beast. It’s a love story with a whole lot of action!

+ How to Get Away with Murder – This is another very popular TV show on cable. I just got into it last year and got caught up on Netflix, and it was well worth the hours I spent watching it! There’s always so much going on, so many people dying, and so many lies. You never know what to believe, but that’s what keeps it so interesting!

+ 13 Reasons Why – This TV show is a Netflix Original and there’s only one season. I finished the season in four days. I would come home from work and watch it until I went to bed, it was that good to me. I loved this show, I felt my high school self could relate to it. It’s a very controversial TV show, but it’s also very eyeopening and moving.

There you have it- some of my favorite TV shows! If you were to ask me which is my absolute favorite, I would say Sons of Anarchy!!

Have a great week and we’ll talk soon! I’m thinking a fashion post needs to happen soon. Thoughts?

xx, Aubrianna


So Packing is a Real B

Yeah, you heard that right- packing is a real bitch.

But I’m kind of really good at it, at least I’d like to think so. I’m a very organized person who has mild OCD about my living space, therefore when I have to pack my OCD goes into overtime.

I figured a lot of students are probably moving to new apartments or my friends are moving into their new place because August is the month of moves. And since I’m moving too, I wanted to share with you how I pack up my place. I know, it’s really not the most exciting post to read but it’ll be informative! & I’m planning on doing a YouTube video of how I decorate my new apartment (!!!). I’m even crazier about how I decorate, so stay tuned.

Also, I’m not perfect when it comes to packing so if you think I’m missing anything jut let me know!


› Always pack your boxes according to the rooms. To avoid craziness on the unpacking aspect, pack your kitchen things in your kitchen boxes, your bathroom things in your bathroom boxes, and so on.

› To save on boxes, use your body towels and hand towels to wrap around your breakable items like your dishes or decorations.

› To prevent scratching on dressers, televisions, computers, and large mirrors place blankets over them.

› Wash all of your laundry, bedding, and floor rugs so they’re nice and clean for your new place, and then you also save yourself the time of having to wash everything when you’re unpacking.

› Moving is the PERFECT time to go through everything of yours. I’ve already made multiple trips to Goodwill. Get rid of pots/pans/tupperware that you haven’t used. Donate clothes and shoes that you haven’t worn in months. Discard old food that somehow went to the back of your pantry that you forgot about. The same goes for make up, lotions, shampoo, and face wash- throw it out if it’s old or you don’t use it. There’s no better feeling than getting rid of things you don’t need. It’s incredibly freeing.

› If possible, don’t grocery shop the week of your move. You save yourself time and energy from having to carry all that food from one place to the next.

› Be proactive and try to use up all of your almost empty bottles of lotions, perfume, and shampoo/body wash.

› Don’t wait until the day of or the day before your move to start packing. It’s likely you won’t get it all done, therefore you’ll be stressed out.

› Small items that are on your dressers or nightstands can usually be put in a drawer between clothes, instead of storing it away in a box.

› Use this time to go through any paperwork, leftover bills, notebooks/journals/planners/folders, and books you don’t use. Discard what’s not needed and organize the rest, and place in a designated spot at your new place.

 If it can be done, get all of your dishes washed before the move. That way you won’t have to wash any of them at your new place and you’ll be able to store them away right away.

› Finally, don’t stress out too much about the move, that makes it harder for you and everyone else!


I hope my tips were helpful to anyone who’s planning on moving! Have a great weekend and we’ll talk soon.

xx, Aubrianna

Delightful Moments – My Vacation Recap!

Hey, hey, hey, it’s Saturday!

How was your week? I hope great! My week has been great but I’m really starting to get some major anxiety about moving in a week. We’re only moving to a different apartment complex, so it’s not nearly as stressful as moving to a different state, which we did two years ago this month! But man, I keep looking around my apartment at everything I have to pack and everything I want to get rid of and I’m just like OMGGGGGGG get me out of here, let me go live in a fancy hotel for the week, and tell me when the packing and the moving is all over with. HA! I wish. I’m too much of a control freak to not pack up my own apartment.

Does anyone have any useful packing tips? I feel like I’m a pretty good packer because I have moved a lot since being out of high school, but anything helps!

On another note, I’ve been missing my family and dogs in Minnesota so I thought I’d recap my little vacation I took back in June to Minnesota!

Every year, my family rents a cabin in Alexandria, MN for one week. The week is filled with a lot of relaxing, waking up whenever I want every morning, eating some really great food, falling asleep on the boat while everyone else fishes (hahaha), receiving endless amounts of love from my pups, being out in the sunshine, jumping into the lake with the dogs, a whole lot of laughing & swearing too much (my family is BIG on swearing), and grocery shopping because my mom is a grocery store-oholic.

Every year my mom and I usually take a day to go shopping in downtown Alexandria. The little shops are super unique and they always have great things!

This year we finally decided to stop at a restaurant to grab lunch at this restaurant called Bello Cucina, and the place was so charming! We got the BEST wine I’ve ever had and a nice little flatbread. The cool thing about this place was that it’s supposedly haunted. My mom and I love things like that. It was once a brothel and then a morgue, so you can imagine some pretty raunchy things probably went on up in there!

Alexandria is cute town that I find to be very peaceful. You feel safe there. & it’s nice that it isn’t very populated, which is quite the change from living in Denver. I always enjoy my week long vacation there with my family so much.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m seeing Pretty Lights tonight at Red Rocks, which is going to be absolutely amazing because Pretty Lights ALWAYS kills it & Red Rocks never disappoints!

xx, Aubrianna