Welcome to The Classified Brunette, I’m Aubrianna Schlottman! I was born in Texas, raised in Minnesota, and currently reside in Denver, Colorado. I am a 21 year old Marketing major, looking to finish my Bachelors Degree at the University of Colorado Denver.

The Classified Brunette is a place for me to express my thoughts, share my experiences, and provide bad-ass information for all those other babes out there who are like me – just trying to get through life! We know, life is hard. So I’m here to give advice, to listen, and to share new and interesting things.

Also, on The Classified Brunette we want to be positive, we want to lift each other up, and we always keep it real! I will not write about something that I don’t believe in myself just because I think that’s what you want to hear. Everything I write will come from the heart and I will mean it.

As you’ll start you see through my posts is that I have the biggest heart when it comes to animals. I have grown to love reading books. I binge watch Netflix all the time (but really, who doesn’t?). I am a strong believer in taking care of your body by eating the right foods, drinking enough water, staying active, getting enough sleep, thinking positive, and above all else, loving yourself.